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"Dark, spicy and just slightly hot. This is a kicked up Mexican style sauce with ghost pepper heat. Surprising....Thick and smooth. The dark color is flecked with bits of spices. Classic...It was delicious on pizza. But it excelled on tacos. This is a fiery taco sauce that is thick and rich.  This is a great entry-level Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) sauce. Coupled with some spices that include cumin, it would also be great splashed onto a bowl of chili. Don’t forget the onions and cheddar cheese...Big, bold and delicious! Versatile as a medium-thick sauce on all foods that can stand up to a big flavor. Winner."

"So the sauce itself is full of deep chocolatey notes. The ingredient adds to the bitterness of apple cider vinegar, while the natural sugar of the tomatoes bring out light undertones of the delightful and whimsical taste of chocolate...I do want to place an emphasis on how impressed I am at the level of flavor balance...the sweet tomato flavor is clearly tasted, but not too strong. Perfect balance has been achieved...This sauce is an outstanding substitute for traditional steak sauces. It also plays well with nachos and burritos...A ghost is fitting for the logo of this sauce. Not just because Ghost Peppers are in the sauce, but because this is a thrilling and unique sauce, full of flavor surprises.


Mark Weiler

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce became one of my favorite hot sauces from the moment it crossed my lips for the first time.  The heat level can be categorized as a a conventional extra to double-extra hot.  It walks a delicate line of perfection between a conventional hot sauce and a taco or Tex-Mex sauce.  With a predominant flavor of cumin, the other spices provide the rest of what is a tremendously balanced blend of flavor to create an overall flavor profile that should please most people for anyone from novice chilehead to seasoned fire-eater.  With enough ghost pepper to make one realize that it’s a hot sauce but not enough to push it over the top into the “for serious chileheads only” category, it stays within the mainstream.  My favorite application of this, besides traditional ones, is putting it in my lentil soup to add heat and flavor to bring the soup to an entirely new level.   My next favorite is simply sprinkling it over my nachos for a quick and delicious treat.  

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Check out Martin Olsen in this Tasting The Heat interview with Kendall

BH Racing Welcomes Moe Mountain Hot Sauce! 

Check it out here!

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce is featured in select brews!  Cypress Brewery teamed up with Moe Mountain Hot Sauce to create X-Moe -2018

Moe's Mole' was a featured brew created by Demented Brewing Company

Featured in BBQ Box Hot Sauce & Hickory Smoked Salt & Horseradish Combo, For Oysters, 5 Ct (Includes Shucker and Gloves) Check it out at select Walmart stores or order below!

"Moe Mountain Hot Sauce receives 1st Place in World Hot Sauce Awards for Best Specialty Sauce!", 2017


Chili-Drache Review (International from Germany), 2017


Moe Mountain Hot Sauce Review, Cayenne Diane, 2017

2nd Place, Wing Sauce, Scovie Awards 2017

3rd Place, Smoky Category, The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards, 2017

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce Scores Multiple Honors from 2016 International Flave Awards!

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"Upper Greenwood Lake firemen take their firehouse cooking to television",

 3rd place Winner of the World Hot Sauce Awards for best taco sauce!

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"West Milford hot sauce brand making a splash",




"Fox and Friends"Firehouse Kitchen TV show- 032 seconds in shows a clip from Season 7 Episode 1

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce



NJ Isn', Moe Mountain Hot Sauce to Debut at NJ Taco Festival 


NJ Taco Festival-9.21.2015

We will be a vendor at the first annual NJ Taco Festival at the Sussex County Fair Grounds on September 12th!  Come and try out hot sauce on some yummy tacos!











"Tasting the Heat"

"Taco sauce on steroids"

"Bill Moore"

This stuff is awesome...

It's like Mexican mole sauce."

I Love It Spicy

"5 out of 5...get it wherever you can..."

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Scoville Fire

Review from "across the pond"

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"Smoked Brisket Fajitas with Moe Mountain Hot Sauce"

Fireman Kitchen TV Show


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